LnD Coworking Day at No.8

19 July 2018 to 19 July 2018
10am - 4pm
No.8 Thorpe Road

LnD Coworking Day at No.8

The No.8 team have teamed up with LnD Cowork to provide a free coworking session on Thursday 19th July.

#LnDcowork is a get together of professionals to work on our own stuff but in the company of colleagues. With no charge to attend #LnDcowork, simply bring your laptop, notebook or whatever you are working on. You may have to pay for coffee & cake, but often we bring it in as part of the community. Perhaps you bake?!

If you work at home, or you’re the only L&Der in your organisation, this space is great for sense checking, learning, working, & networking. Plus there’s always someone to share a cuppa with.

We meet 10am to 5pm but feel free to come by when it suits you, it’s a totally flexible day.

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