The Story of No.8

07 Apr 2016


07 Apr 2016

The Story of No.8

The story of No.8 is one to be heard by all. It all started when our business had out grown its previous premises. We wanted to create something different. A place where people could come and experience the finest hospitality. Rooms and food to suit anybody's needs.

A location like no other

8 Responses to The Story of No.8

  1. Caroline Seaman says:

    Great film Redcat Partnership of a fantastic space.
    Happy first Birthday, and many more of them to follow.

  2. Lucy Marks says:

    Congratulations Sarah and Richard and all the team. I know it’s been a tremendous journey and you’ve certainly created a unique and wonderful place. Great video, very engaging and totally you! Love the No 8 branding by Naked Marketing. Hope to visit again soon.

  3. Paul Narramore says:

    What a great video. Both fresh and completely catches your company ethos.

    Well done guys

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