Office Desk - Ten must have essentials

Here are our top ten, in at number 1 is two screens - how did we ever survive with just one?
Office Desk - Ten must have essentials
  1. Computer– Who can survive without 2 screens now? Because a fast responsive computer or laptop is an absolute business essential. Whether you choose something purely desk based or a laptop with a docking station for mobile working. And your computer can make or break your day! So, you could choose to have a beautiful surface pro laptop. An object of elegance, that is a pleasure to work from or a bog standard desktop. If you have a laptop top, do consider a large screen as an addition to saving your eyesight!
  2. NoteBook – a great memory jog tool, somewhere to write our to do lists; the mere act of writing notes seems to make them stick more. You can have more than one notebook, each with a different functions; it could be a slick simple black one to take to client meetings. Plus one for personal stuff and pad of paper to reuse for telephone notes!
  3. Plants– Plants not only create a great visual environment but also help create a great breathing space. Something like a Peace Lilly is indestructible and pumps oxygen back into the air.; also watering keeps the humidity up, around those screens.
  4. Cup of Coffee– or beverage of your choice! Because it is essential to our well-being to keep hydrated, and also making and drinking a drink gives our eyes time to refocus. It can also make good thinking time away from our screen(s)!
  5. Stationary– where to start! Have what you need close by; stationery can be both functional – a Biro; to elegant, an awesome Fountain Pen. And if you need smaller items such as paperclips, store them in a great tin or container; you need beauty or functionality to suit your desk set up.
  6. Phone Charger– these can come in different formats, it could be a long cabled charger if you pace around the office. Remember it is always good to stand up for those important calls! or a slick wireless charger that disappears into the background effortlessly charging your phone as you work.
  7. In and Out Tray– Its all about the organisation! have as many trays, or sets of trays as you need to organise your world. They could be in client/ work order, be very functional or something off the wall like a wine crate. Because it is important to keep your immediate work area clear of clutter; this ensures that we are focused and not distracted! It can be said that we need to manage our distractions more than our time!
  8. Desk Lamp – The business sometimes needs you to work outside of the normal daylight hours. And a Lamp can make sure that you are burning those extra hours in comfort. There are many types, and they even come with LED daylight bulbs which reduce glare and help reduce straining your eyes.
  9. Bin– for all those mistakes! Banana skins and magazine wrappers- again it’s about decluttering, and everything being in its place. remove the items you do not need.
  10. Calculator – a business essential; we must keep the engine room efficient, so need to get the Maths right, whether it’s invoicing, quotes or break even points! The numbers are essential. whether you use the function on your phone or a stand alone, make sure it all adds up!