Top Ten Benefits to working in a Serviced Office

Social; there are very few of us that are truly productive working alone, we need other like-minded folks to bounce ideas off, but also, we benefit from someone being there even if it is to just say “Hello”!
Top Ten Benefits to working in a Serviced Office

Productivity; more of it. You have your own space, you are free from the distractions of home (sometimes even the ironing can seem more thrilling than a project you are procrastinating about) or a Coffee Shop….who is looking over my shoulder? And you don’t need to pack your things away when you need a comfort break.

Focus; you are not worrying about the peripheral stuff. Your office space is there, ready to go every day; it is your place. No8 has 24/7 secure access 365 days of the year.

Professionalism. Having a proper address and a real base, it does show you mean business and helps you punch above your weight.

Tribe; you feel like you belong at No8. We have a big family feel, we are always looking out for each other. That community feel is important to our wellbeing. It is fun, there are folks to share a coffee with, or a (birthday) cake!

Support; the adage; do what you are best at is true with a serviced office you are free from cleaning the toilets and other communal areas – you know that these tasks are being done so you can focus on your to do list! You don’t need to remember to buy milk, coffee or indeed toilet rolls!

Receptionist service at No8 means you may not want to be disturbed by calls or visitors; it’s a distraction from your bottom line in terms of resource and effectiveness

Communications; we can also handle your post, and at No.8 we allow personal parcels to also be delivered. No more waiting at home for hours on end for the courier to call!

Furniture is all included at No8, along with fixtures and fittings! You just need to bring your IT and your favourite Mug.

Flexibility; last but not least, you are not tied in to long rental periods or large deposit. No8 runs on trust and integrity, there are monthly rolling contracts. It’s also a fixed fee including rates, electricity and Wi-Fi.

Flexible work space at a great location
What do you need to think about when choosing the location for your next office space or meeting room?
Well you would want awesome facilities; at No8 we tick all those boxes
We have

1. Large interactive smart boards, that are stimulating and promote participation
They can also be used as a white board and projector!

2. Glass writing boards (for even more participation)

3. Writing walls (yet more)

4. The biggest range of coloured pens

5. Tasty sweets

6. Awesome teas and coffees on tap

7. Bright airy spaces

8. Super duper Wi-Fi

9. Onsite 5-star catering to meet all dietary needs

10. Flexible opening times 24/7 365 days a year

11. Dedicated on-site team

12. A stash of all the things you may forget- post it notes, pens, phone charger, laptop & chargers, scissors, Sellotape, white tac! If we haven’t got it, we can usually get it.

13. A central location– we are literally a stone’s throw from the railway station, close to the bus station, a few minutes’ drive from the A47/ A11 and on the riverside
With car parking!